The Soul’s Legacy
 Fred’s doctoral dissertation.  The Soul’s Legacy – Dissertation

The Soul’s Legacy
A scholarly article on the results from Fred’s doctoral project. The Version of Record of this manuscript has been published and is available in The Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy, June 20, 2016,

Chaplains as Midwives to Reorientation
Published in the December 2016, APC Forum, (Association of Professional Chaplains), this article explores the role of chaplains in the care of hospital and hospice patients. Chaplains as Midwives to Reorientation

David and Goliath
Published by Oregon Humanities, Beyond the Margins on September 23, 2015, this story is about remembering a friend from a hospice house.  David and Goliath

Where Words Fail
Published by Oregon Healthcare News on October 7, 2014, this brief article is an introductory exploration of ministering to suffering patients.  Where Words Fail

Healing in Hospice
Published by PlainViews in April of 2013, this brief article is an introduction to the importance of reframing meaning for hospice patients.  Healing in Hospice

May You Find Some Comfort Here: Insights on Dying from Three Distinct Religious Traditions



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