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“Fairytales” by L.A. Emrich

American sci-fi writer, Theodore Sturgeon once admitted, “Sure, ninety percent of science fiction is crud.” Yet, if you look beyond the exotic worlds, colorful characters, and off-the-wall plots, you’d find a profound genre rich in themes addressing real life issues. Chaos, deprivation, paradise lost and regained at the expense of what makes us human, killer… Read More »

The Nursing Home

We fear the death of meaning more than the death of the body itself.[1] Abigail Rian Evans This nursing home, like most nursing homes, smelled of old people and stale urine. Over the years I’ve learned to carry a small cylindrical inhaler of lavender scent to ward off the repugnant aromas. After a couple of… Read More »

Fallen Leaves

I was able to knock off early today. I presided at a memorial service over the weekend, so my boss gave me the afternoon off. Since it was a beautiful fall day I headed for my favorite spot, the cemetery on the south end of town. It has everything; a gorgeous view of Pompadour Butte,… Read More »