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Fred Grewe is a Board Certified Chaplain (Association of Professional Chaplains) with a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley and is an ordained Congregationalist minister working for Providence Hospice in Medford, Oregon.  His interest in working with the dying began in the early 1990’s with the death of his best friend who succumbed to AIDS.

Fred is a mystery – even to himself.  He is a middle-aged, bald, white man who believes God loves him very much and the power of this belief has helped transform a frightened, angry, little man into a more loving and considerate human being.

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photo by David Lorenz Winston



6 thoughts on “About Fred Grewe

  1. Jane

    Is this the Fred Grewe that attended WVU in the early 70’s!

    Thank you

  2. Aline Garcia Rubio

    Dear Fred-

    My name is Aline Garcia Rubio. I am a teacher and administrator at the Catlin Gabel school in Portland, Oregon. I am coteaching a humanities course called Life Worth Living (for senior students exploring this very question through a variety of lenses). We are in the midst of a unit about death and suffering and are very interested in your work. I am wondering if there is a chance for us to communicate with you (maybe for 30 min) … to hear how you view life worth living through the lens of the dying. My mother works in hospice counseling as well, but lives in Mexico City and is not bilingual… I imagine your perspective is rich and deep. If there is any chance for us to talk with you in the next 2-3 weeks, please let me know. Best wishes either way. And thanks for considering.

  3. Heather E Klason

    Wondering if you have a publication date yet on the book based on your dictoral thesis?r E. KlSon

    Thank you

    1. Fred Post author


      It is about 75% done and I have submitted proposals to 5 publishers. I am planning to have a draft done my the end of August. If you’d like to look at that and offer comments I’d be glad to send it to you.

      Thanks for the interest.



  4. Geoff Ridden

    So glad we had that brief conversation the other day. I have begun reading your book. Thank you.

  5. Linda Bonasso

    Hello Fred, I am wondering the best way to contact you these days. Kathleen would like to invite “Mr. Grewe” to her wedding.


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